PhotobucketWelcome to With Child, I’m so thrilled you’ve made a visit!! If you are considering embryo adoption for your family, I truly hope that you find some of the answers and assurances that you’re looking for to lead you to this blessed decision.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience, both with all the medical and adoption steps that led up to the embryo transfer, as well as the first sixteen weeks of pregnancy with our twins!! Since Scott and I first heard of embryo adoption about three years ago at an adoption seminar through our church and slowly began to explore and pray about it, we have had a consistently peaceful feeling… and now that we’re nearly mid-way through our pregnancy, we praise God that our hearts have never wavered. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit for our family, and everyone is over the moon with excitement.

Scott brought three wonderful children with him when we married nearly five years ago. Prior to and for the first few years of our marriage, we focused on their well-being and the blending of our family. Soon, the kids started asking us “are you guys going to have a baby??”. From the mouths of babes!! Scott and I hadn’t yet spent much time on that question, so we took a first step to explore our fertility options.

Pretty quickly, through a basic test, we discovered that assisted reproduction was not an option for us. Dr. Keenan explained that there didn’t appear to be a reason why we couldn’t conceive naturally, it’s just that the IVF route wouldn’t be very fruitful… my ovaries, at 40, with medical intervention wouldn’t release more eggs. We were pretty accepting of that news. Adoption had already been on our minds… I’ve had a notion since youth that I would adopt, I had already adopted Scott’s children into my heart and life, and Scott’s mom had been adopted… so we began to seriously consider the various adoption options.

Our hearts kept coming back to the hundreds of thousands of embryos frozen in time. Brothers and sisters having been born, families completed, dreams fulfilled yet additional lives remain, waiting to be born. Our hearts went out to the couples who created those embryos… their goal initially was to grow a family, a manifestation of love. Perhaps they had struggled for years, even a decade. Could they possibly, at that time, fully comprehend what it would be like to be completed with their family yet be left with the decision about remaining embryos?

Scott and I thank God every day for the road He placed us on and the decision He put in front of us. Rather than deciding what to do with life that has been started, we were given what has been such an easy decision… to bring that life to fruition, and help be a voice for a group of God’s children who are literally in darkness. Any fears or uncertainties we could have are completely covered by His love. Nearly everyone we encounter – not just family, friends, co-workers but even people we just meet in passing – we share that our babies are adopted through embryo donation and there are hundreds of thousands that remain. We have been met with nothing but genuine interest and pure amazement. I’ve never given birth to another child, but I can’t imagine it being any more precious than the miracle God has given our family. 2 Timothy 1:7


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