PhotobucketI got the much-anticipated news this morning that I am done done done (!) with the shots! (Well, at least until next week when my levels get checked again). I’ve been off estrogen for about a week, and this morning, my bum thanked me for not poking it today.

This means (I’m told), that my placenta is now producing the hormones on its own in sufficient quantities that I don’t need supplementation. Can I get an Amen! to that?

We are 12 weeks, 1 day today. By some calculators, that is the end of the first trimester. However, I also keep getting told that 13 weeks is now the “magic marker.”

I’m still very nauseous and vomiting at various times of the day. Even with the meds. I try really hard not to take the meds unless I feel absolutely brutal, which means I’m taking one about every other day. I think I may be able to handle the nausea if I didn’t have a 2-year-old to run after. But that, on top of work, just makes it very difficult to get through the day feeling like this. Again, the burden that comes with the blessing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Friday we go in for our “first trimester screening”. This is where they can do a bunch of measurements, blood work, etc. to gauge the “viability” of the fetus. They can also look for Downs Syndrome.

If you recall from my last post, I didn’t want to do this screening. I still don’t want to do this screening. Three reasons primarily: 1) the results won’t change our plans — we intend to continue with the pregnancy; 2) it can result in false positives; and 3) how much of a leg up will I really have knowing if the child has Downs? This child will still need to be loved, fed, changed, bathed, etc. The physical needs (as I understand it) of a Downs infant are the same for a non-Downs infant. I just want the ultrasound to say hi to the gummy bear again.

But my husband disagrees. He thinks it would be important to know and prepare, if necessary.

We’ve agreed to disagree and separately pray about it. For me, I still feel convicted we should not do the test. However, I also want to submit to my husband’s decision. (You ever heard the great quote — if wives knew what it REALLY meant to “submit to their husbands” — they would never not do it? Because, submitting to their husbands means that wives get to duck while God knocks the husbands to their rear).

So, it will probably be a game-time decision.


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