PhotobucketScott traveled to a business meeting with his team last week. Word has pretty much gotten around to our colleagues across the country that we’re expecting twins and that they are “adopted.” Pretty much everyone finds this so interesting, and asks us lots of questions. We love to be candid and answer them all.

At our last business meeting together in September, before I went on travel restrictions, Scott and I had a wonderful conversation with a friend in our division who shared with us her and her husband’s fertility journey… she mentioned that her doctor had indicated that at their next appointment, a few weeks later, he was going to outline their options and had already mentioned embryo adoption. We praised God that there are fertility specialists out their spreading the word. We shared our feelings of complete joy and blessing, and answered all her questions. We eagerly await our further conversations with her.

Then, last week, Scott had a conversation from a very different perspective, the first of its kind for us. Another colleague and close friend shared with Scott that he and his wife have nine remaining embryos since completing their family several years ago. It’s been a big weight on them and they continue to pray for what they should do. What was amazing is he shared with Scott that he and his wife have never heard of embryo adoption or, in their case, embryo donation.

Scott walked him through the concept and process. Understandably, his initial reaction was one of fear… not knowing who would raise the biological sister and/or brother to their children, and that these children would not be a part of their own family. Scott shared that we could only imagine how difficult that decision would be, and how blessed we feel being on the receiving end… God gave us the easy decision. They talked about—that as with all things in life—we just need to pray and trust that God has it in His hands and will lead us.

Finally, Scott shared with our friend the immense gratitude we have for donating couples. Not only for the twin babies that we have personally received, but for all couples who have wrestled with and ultimately resolved their own fears in favor of preserving life. We can’t imagine what their journey must be like, but we pray every day for all couples who have made or are considering making this decision. In our eyes they are some of the most amazing people one could ever encounter, and we thank God with all of our hearts for the donating couple He has placed in our lives. Phil 2:3-4


2 thoughts on “WHAT WE’RE THANKFUL FOR

  1. Hey Cath,
    First of all, can’t wait to see you and the rest of the family. Second, I think what Scott and you are doing is great. I have shared your story a few times here and the reaction is very good. In addition, people are very surprised that a program like this exists and they never heard of it before.
    Have they put together any brochures, informational videos or anything that would be useful in sharing? I am positive, this is something that many in my church and or community would welcome.
    Lastly, I see that you use Word Press as your format for your site. Do you have any experience with Word Press?

  2. Thanks for your note and kind words, Tony. I think this reply will reach you, please let me know. If you look at the other links on the left hand side of the blog web page, you’ll see one for “NEDC Official Website”. This is a good place to start for further information on embryo donation and adoption. As for Word Press, I simple send my postings in Word Format to the producer for the NEDC and he manages the webpage. Looking forward to seeing you next week!! C & S

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