PhotobucketSO, we had the all-important viability scan yesterday … and it went great! Baby’s heartbeat is 175 (wow!), and the dr. said he/she is VERY active. We saw it moving its arm all around, trying to put its foot in its mouth, and even kicking me (although I couldn’t feel it). Two arms, two legs, and the Downs scan looked excellent. (Yes, we ended up getting it — even though I still didn’t want to, Tygh insisted it was for his peace of mind, so I honored that). I guess they want to see something less than 3 mm in the neck fold, and the measurement the dr. chose was something like 1.9, so very good.

They also ran some blood tests, and those will come back in the next week or so.

SO, all in all, looks like we have an acrobat on our hands, and I must say, with that heartbeat, I think it may be a girl…

And, today, I turn 31 — the same age our female donor was when this baby was created — 9 years ago!


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