PhotobucketWe’re here! We’ve made it to the second trimester! Praise the Lord!

Although we haven’t seen the gummy bear since 12.5 weeks, we trust that he/she is still there and, as Psalm 139 says, God is creating he or she in the secret place of my womb, knitting he or she together in His perfect image.

Here are some bullet points as to how I’m feeling/doing now that we’re here:

1: So grateful. Duh.
2: Still very nauseous and vomiting, on average, once a day
3: Still taking anti-nausea meds, but trying to only take it when I’m desperate, which is usually too late
4: Now taking “frequency of void” medication to counteract the infrequency of void I have with the anti-nausea meds. You get me?
5: Going to bed regularly around 7:30 p.m.
6: Getting up about every 3-4 hours thereafter to go pee.
7: Have cravings and food aversions. Nothing consistent, except that when I ask my husband to go get me xyz food, when he brings it home, I no longer want it.
8: Relegated exclusively to maternity clothes, although apparently no one can tell I’m pregnant.
9: I get winded walking up the stairs.
10: I finally made the “big” announcement at work by putting a picture of our latest ultrasound on my door frame. Funny, several people thought we were adopting (domestically) again.


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