PhotobucketWe had our 15 week ultrasound today. I’m not sure that most doctors even DO a 15 week ultrasound, but nonetheless, we had one. The baby looks great — good measurements, good heartbeat. We were “hoping” the doctor would be able to tell the gender, but our blessing was covering his/her genitalia. Modest soul. The doctor also remarked at its position. Its head was bowed down, and it was curled up. The doctor said, “Well, I don’t see this often. But it looks like your baby is praying!”

Now, I’m not sure if our doctor is a Christian or not, but it was a blessing indeed to see that, and have the doctor make that remark.

We also got to see the baby move a little bit, and breathe in and out. But mostly, it looked like it was sleeping.

We got the results back from the genetic screening. The Downs test came back 1:500 chance. For an embryo created from a 31-year-old woman (the donor, and coincidentally, me), the odds are more like 1:460. So these odds are excellent. Thank you, Jesus! The other genetic tests all came back with stellar odds.

The one small bump, pun intended, is that I’ve only gained 1 pound. 1 pound in 15 weeks. The vomiting and nausea has not helped in this department. The average is between 3-5 pounds. So I have some catching up to do. Coincidentally, or not, this evening I’ve actually felt kind of normal. I don’t take too much stock in that, however, because every time I’ve started to feel good, I take 2 steps back the next day.

No more ultrasounds or appointments until the big 20 week appointment, set for January 18.

I have to say. I’m hoping for a girl.

I hope to post some baby bump pictures in the next couple days. If I have gained 1 pound, it is all in my stomach.

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