PhotobucketAs I sat down on our bed to start this new posting, the babies are kicking up a storm… kinda like popcorn popping… they must sense they’re about to get attention!! It’s been about four weeks since I first felt them on the outside of my belly with my hand, the littlest thump but more than just a flutter on the inside. It took a few days after that for them to kick more than once and give me the chance to get Scott’s hand in on the excitement… I’ll never forget his expression when he exclaimed, “I felt ‘em!!” The ultrasounds still show them head to head and facing each other… we’re sure they’ve been playing with each other, and now us.

We’re exactly six months into our pregnancy, about twelve weeks away from full-term for twins… the old adage is true, it does go by fast. With the movements and my belly growing daily it seems, it’s becoming so real in the most incredible way. I can’t remember the exact day our thoughts started shifting from “will both of these babies stay in the womb long enough to be viable?”, to something like “will they be born the week before or at full-term?” Since their full-term date is during the kids’ Spring Break, I’d love for the twins to get here just a few days early (but no more!!) so we can all be home together for that week!!

A couple of visits ago, it was wonderful to hear my high-risk OB say “I think you were made for this!!”. Carrying twins and at 42 no less makes me a candidate for any number of physical aliments that could bring on pre-term labor, but it appears God has seen fit to spare us from them all… I’ve passed two glucose tests (my results weren’t even close to borderline), my blood pressure is less than 10 points higher than before I was pregnant, which was considered extremely low to begin with (no doubt aided by early retirement!), my cervix is holding up like a champ (no incompetence there!), and despite only being able to gain about 15 pounds (verses an ideal of 35 so far) the babies are both a few days bigger than their target size for gestational age… they’re getting everything they need and growing at the same pace. Praise God!!

We fully realize anything can still happen in these last twelve weeks, we continue to pray for God’s grace, but it’s exciting to know there’s a very distinct chance now that these babies will be born plump and come home at the same time I do. That’s been our only concern at the thought of bringing these two precious little lives into this world… their physical health. As those concerns have started to wane, I’ve been amazed at the calmness God has given Scott and me about every other element of becoming new parents and growing our family.

It struck me this morning, although there may be perceived drawbacks of having children later in life… diminished energy level, pushing off the golden years, occasionally being asked if we’re the grandparents!! just to name a few… Scott and I thought through these and actually saw many of them as pluses. Our oldest will be heading off to college in four years, and we’re nowhere near close to wanting those empty nest years… our kids keep us young, and the twins will only extend that. This morning I had the clearest sense, “if I were 22 and having these babies I’d be petrified… but at 42 I’m lovin’ every minute of it, and have no fears.”

Having a clear sense of who we are and what we believe in as individuals, confidence in what our marriage and family is anchored on, the ability to retire and completely focus on our family, greater wisdom through experience, solidified faith in God’s presence… with all these rooted under our belts, it’s comforting to know we will not be establishing our own growing-up while we’re also rearing our two little girls.

I was blessed to have lived an incredible life before I ever met Scott… traveling over forty countries on five continents, encountering some of the most astonishing people, setting personal goals and achieving them, being able to immediately shut down everything else in my life when my sister, Julie, became ill and needed me, immersing myself in The Word. I never lamented my single years, I maximized them… and, in retrospect, they have made me ready for marriage and to completely embrace motherhood. Some people marry and have children quite young, doing it beautifully. I just knew I was not to be one of them. Scott and I continue to grow together, along with our children… and I am so thankful for the solid base I had on my own first, I pull from it every day.

I have no regrets, but rather have complete confidence that this is the exact time in my life I was meant to become a wife and mother. I thank God for the advent of embryo adoption and the two He intentionally selected to place in my womb for us… I couldn’t imagine it more perfect. Ephesians 2:10

p.s. happy 5th anniversary sweetheart, I love you!!!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with everyone. You both are an inspiration to anyone thinking about becoming parents, let alone adopting two beautiful children. Blessed to have you both in my life — love you — W

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