PhotobucketAn update in bullet points:




— Vomiting is now down to about 1/week. I have to eat very slowly and not much at a time, and not with fluids. Otherwise, upchuck.

— Pre-natal vitamins may have been manufactured by a man.

— All day nausea is mostly gone. Just comes in waves. Interesting tidbit: it is grammatically incorrect to say ‘I’m nauseous.’ You should say, ‘I’m nauseated.’ The thing that causes you to be nauseated is nauseous (e.g., that smell of broccoli that my insensitive co-worker is microwaving is nauseous). So, now, I’m speaking grammatically correctly when I have to politely excuse myself in a meeting to experience my nauseation.

— I’m apparently not supposed to lie/sleep on my back anymore. I’m supposed to lie on my side to prevent pressure of the uterus on a major vein that could prevent blood flow to my heart. Great.

— My friend referred to my little pooch as “Britney with a beer belly.”

— I fell asleep on NYE at 8 p.m. Normally, I’m out by 7:30.

— I can only wear sports bras now.

— I just learned that after birth, my hair starts falling out. Wonderful.

— I’m not convinced I’ve felt any baby movement. I think it’s gas.

— I’m extremely emotional. I cry frequently. Often, for no good reason.

— I’m grateful and in awe every single day of the miracle work God is doing in me. I hoped, but often doubted, whether I’d ever get to experience pregnancy. Our God is so great, so good, so majestic, so faithful. Satan can’t keep God from blessing His children; so he tries to keep God’s children from enjoying the blessings. Not me! I praise God every day for this precious baby that I have to trust He is continuing to grow in me. So spit on you, Satan!

— My son refers to his unborn brother/sister as an “owie”. He points to my stomach and says, “owie.” Because it is what makes Mommy have to lie down and not play basketball with him.


2 thoughts on “OWIE

  1. I slept with no less than 10 pillows so I could prop myself up enough to still be on my back and not cut off blood flow…

    And just wait…after the hair falls out…it comes back in all kinds of strange patterns. 🙂

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