PhotobucketI scheduled a “reassurance appointment” today. It sounds silly. It is silly. But I did it. I’ve been getting a little paranoid that I hadn’t seen our baby in over 3 weeks; sometimes my belly looks deflated, and I haven’t had any baby movement that I can recognize.

So I scheduled a reassurance appointment. I think God smiled the whole way through. But He kept telling me leading up to it, “Just trust me. Everything is okay.”

And it was. Baby was moving a lot and had a strong heartbeat of 155-160. Couldn’t see between the legs still. Modest soul.

And blessing of all blessings, the midwife said I’ll probably have some difficulty feeling the baby move for a while because my placenta is out front, acting as a pillow barrier between me and the baby.


So, I’m going to do my best and just sit back, relax, enjoy this God-given blessing, and wait for the 18th to find out gender! (We hope!)

And… drum roll… I’m now officially chubby. I’ve gained a total of 5 lbs in this pregnancy. Oh, yeah. The wonders of being able to keep food down.


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