PhotobucketYesterday, Scott and I went with my father-in-law, Mike, to his first chemotherapy appointment. Poppa is amazing… in his strength, determination, and faith… he lifts up everyone; it’s a blessing to be around him. He reminds himself and us everyday that the battle is already won.

I was reminded, about six weeks earlier, when Poppa came out of his surgery to drain fluid and confirm the diagnosis. Scott, my mother-in-law Rosie, and I were waiting to be told which room Poppa was going to be moved to. When we headed up to the room, we arrived before Poppa did. As he was being wheeled down to hall toward us, the nurse had a big smile on her face. She looked toward me and said, “Are those the twins?”, gazing at my belly. I told her they were. She laughed and said, “Mike came out of his anesthesia chattering up a storm about his twin grand-daughters who will be here in March!!” Poppa lives for his grandkids, even the ones yet to be born… having such a blessed occasion to look forward to is only adding to his zest for life.

Then, last night, I was talking with our 13 year-old as she was going to bed; about the year to come… about Spring Break, finishing the 8th grade, Summer Camp, High School. Last year she went to the beach with her best friend and parents for Spring Break. This year, the same family is going to Disney World and has extended another invitation. I was amazed when our daughter said, “… but I don’t want to go, I want to be here when the babies come home.” Neither Scott nor I had discouraged her from doing something with her friend over Spring Break, she just came to it all on her own. It makes sense now why last weekend she was asking when the twins would be old enough to go to Disney and when can we start planning a family trip.

Our other daughter had a similar conclusion last month when she decided not to go on an end-of-school-year trip to Washington DC with her Safety Patrol group… she was very clear, she didn’t want to miss any time with the babies.

Even our youngest has come around to not getting himself a brother. His first big question was, “can the twins wear football jerseys as well as cheerleader outfits?” I said absolutely (secretly, I’d rather they be on the tomboy side)!! I said he can even teach them how to play football, and we can all watch the Tennessee games together. (He has no doubt, since I’m the one that introduced him to the ESPN Classic channel and my best friend, Wendy, doesn’t miss an NFL game… I’ve convinced him that girls love football too!) At Christmas, every gift he unwrapped (even the motorcycle gear!!) was accompanied by excitement for himself at receiving it, then quickly followed by an exclamation of, “… and I’ll save this for the twins when they grow up!”

There’s not a reaction more pure than awaking from anesthesia, adolescent girls considering time with their friends, or a young boy opening up presents at Christmas… and in all cases our two little twin girls were top of mind.

We also had family and friends travel from four different states two weeks before Christmas, knowing a huge snowstorm was predicted, to help celebrate the impending arrival of the twins at the baby shower that Scott’s mom, cousins, our sister-in-law and girls threw for us. And my niece, Kayla, who couldn’t make it to the shower from Chicago because she’s in high school… flew down a few days before New Years and spent two days helping me get the nursery all in order. It was so heartwarming watching everyone’s excitement.

This Fall, when we were talking with one of the guys Scott has gotten to know through church and coaching, explaining as we do with everyone, that our babies were adopted as embryos… he put his hands on each of our shoulders and very simply said, “These girls are going to be special, they are being born with a purpose.” It appears everyone knows this and they don’t want to miss a minute of it! Matthew 18:20

p.s. Happy Birthday Jen!!! Also, thanks for making it to the babies’ shower, and enduring the six-hour delay trying to fly back home to Chicago on Sunday!!! Hope that last week of teaching before Christmas break wasn’t too brutal after getting home @ 1 am!!! Love you!!!



  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Cath, and it was our pleasure to attend the baby shower, despite the snow and delays. It was great to be a part of all the excitement surrounding the arrival of these two girls. I can’t wait to meet them!

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