PhotobucketNonna and Poppa gave us a 3D/4D ultrasound gift card for Christmas… with the kids, we went this week to get the first glimpses of our little miracles. Despite the doubling of placenta, fluids, cords… not to mention eight limbs!! we ended up getting some pretty good sneak peeks. Yes, that’s the foot of one in the eye of the other!! It was awesome to see them in such life-like images and in full motion.

I’ve been feeling them pretty consistently for about two months now… with two, one always seems to be playing. I’ve come to anticipate when they’ll give a good kick, and their kicks have gotten pretty strong. They’ll be a little sensation deep in a part of a belly… and then BAM!! If Scott or one of the kids is close, I’ll just take they’re hand, place it, and sure enough… within five seconds or so their eyes light up in amazement. The twins are quite generous, folks rarely get bored waiting for their touch.

Our son came home from school yesterday and one of the first things he said, without prompting, was, “it’s awesome feeling the babies kick!” During family game night last night, around the coffee table, knowing that not everyone could get his or her hands to my belly, I pulled my shirt taut and said, “Watch this.” Sure enough, within a few seconds, everyone could see what looked like a little inchworm slide underneath… the purest form of amazement.

They say a mother feels empty after giving birth, I can understand why… I’m going to miss their little vibrations but I can’t wait for what’s to come. It’s all going by so quickly… our two little miracles should be in this world and our arms within eight weeks. An interesting parallelism struck me recently to what we’ve been learning in church since the beginning of the year. Our Pastor has started a several week lesson on the second coming of Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us we won’t know where, when or how… but we’re to believe Christ will return for us based on His promise as well as the fulfilled prophecies of His Word… and we do believe. Then I think about how He has given our family such undeniable evidence, through even touch and sight, that our twins are almost here. What a gift.

I’m so thankful that everyone was able to see the twins this week… they’re so real to me all the time because I feel them throughout the day, but now everyone has a sense of them. We told the kids, when dad and I were born there wasn’t even 2D ultrasound!! I try to not let a good kick go by without sharing, they’re so much more fun that way. I also thank God for being invited to contribute to this blog… it has given me a reason and intervals to write love letters to our children to have someday.

Everyone’s getting warmed up, there’s plenty of sets of arms awaiting their turn to cuddle… as the girls have both said, “luckily there’s going to be two babies so there’s more to share!!” Mark 13:32


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