PhotobucketWell, we just started our 32nd week and couldn’t be more overjoyed. We have prayed incessantly that we would get to this date, or beyond, so the twins would grow enough to be born strong and come home with us straight away… it appears God is answering those prayers and so much more.

At our last ultrasound appointment we received the wonderful news that both babies are still the exact same size… which is always a blessing with twins, that one is not being crowded out by the other. They’re at the 35th percentile in estimated weight, and that’s compared to singletons, as the scale is not adjusted for multiples. Right now, combined, they are just about 8 lbs of baby!!

The lungs of twins, for some reason, develop faster than singletons… perhaps because the body knows gestation will likely not be as long. They are usually fully developed by 34 weeks, with the majority of twins being born by 36 weeks. If everything stays on course without any complications, we’ve discussed with our doctor testing for full lung development at the end of 36 weeks… five weeks and counting. I guess I better get my bag for the hospital packed!!

Scott and I were reminiscing the other evening about how far they have come. We pulled out the very first photo we have of our little girls… the magnified picture of the two 5-day embryos that Carol Sommerfelt, NEDC Embryologist, thawed the morning of July 21st, 2010 for our transfer later that day. She and Dr. Keenan told us they felt both embryos were of good quality after their three years in cryopreservation… how right they were!! From little dots of less than 100 cells a piece that were hardly distinguishable without a microscope, they implanted well and have now grown to 4 lbs each, packing on about a half pound per baby a week!

Yesterday, we arranged for a photographer to come to the house for what he calls the “Anticipation” portraits… I call them the “Belly” shots!! I hope Scott and I look as poised as the couples Jason has on his webpage! We’ll have a few prominently displayed around the house… one, so we don’t forget these days, they’ve been very special… and two, so the twins will have a visualization of where they came from. Jason will come back again about 7 – 10 days after the babies are born and capture their innocence and the family’s sense of awe.

I’m still able to muster energy when I need to, mostly for the kids… but I’m resting as much as possible, and am blessed to be able to do so. Scott and I are planning a quiet weekend; just the two of us, knocking out a few more baby “to-do” things on our list. But, all in all, we’re ready for our little miracles to arrive. Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2


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