PhotobucketWe had our 24 week appointment today. I’ve gained a total of 8 lbs. A little on the low side, but the dr. didn’t seem too concerned. However, even if I gain a pound a week from here on out, I still won’t reach that “magic” 25 lb mark.

I just don’t have a big appetite. And my stomach is still pretty uneasy, especially in the morning and at night. This morning, I even threw up for the first time since 19 weeks (minus the stomach flu episode). It caught me off guard. I thought I’d gotten past that.

I’m measuring right around 23-24 weeks. My uterus is now well above my belly button mark.
Sienna was kicking away, and beating around 150 bpm.

I have a new symptom: heartburn. I’ve never had heartburn before. I didn’t even recognize it at first. I thought I’d swallowed something that was stuck in my throat. After a few days (yes, it took me that long), I thought, hmm, maybe this is what heartburn feels like? The burning in the chest, throat, etc. Yup, I think so.

I made my appointments for the rest of the term — about 12 of them! We also start “birthing” class in April.

Tygh and I went out for Valentine’s dinner last night and had a blessedly honest conversation. He said he just cannot be in the room with me when I start delivery. He’ll be there up until I start pushing, and then he’ll excuse himself until Sienna comes out and is “cleaned up.” My husband has a very queasy stomach when it comes to this kind of stuff. When Brae was born, he was hovering in the corner most of the time, in a chair, head down. I was the one who cut the cord.

Sure, it’s not how I pictured delivery — I wanted my husband there, cheering me on, cutting the cord, etc. But, that is just not going to happen. And it’s okay. Really. I’m honoring his wishes. So, instead, my mom and my sister will be there, each holding a hand, and urging Sienna into this world.

I praise and thank God for this amazing gift of pregnancy and getting a chance to just experience it. I finally feel at a place of peace and rest and settlement. I feel content. I’m looking forward to her being here, and enjoying something new — a lack of wanting. A lack of wanting to be pregnant. A lack of yearning to move beyond infertility. I haven’t experienced that since January 2007. I want that “me” back. I will take with me the post-January 2007 me, especially the closeness and intimacy I have with Christ that I didn’t have before. I will take with me new gifts of empathy. A testimony. A surrender. But, I want (and my husband wants) to return to a more carefree lifestyle. One where growing our family does not consume our lives. I’m excited to move to the next season of life.

Brae update: Our son is a phenom. I kid you not. That boy has some SKILLS when it comes to basketball. We had a friend over the other night and he was in shock at how a 2-year-old can jump and shoot a basket (a high one) with one hand. He said we need to get a video and put it on YouTube.

Potty training is another story. The boy is just.not.interested. He doesn’t care if he craps his pants or has a wet diaper. I know boys take longer, so I’m not stressing. Maybe when he sees his “baby Sienna” (as he calls her) get her diaper changed, he’ll realize diapers are for babies.

His Spanish is really picking up. The “experts” say that if a child learns two languages before age 2.5, their primary language lags behind a little bit at first, and then they catch up. Then, if you try to introduce a second language after the child starts reading, all hope is lost that they will ever truly be bilingual as second nature.

It’s hard to say whether Brae’s English is lagging behind. I know most boys are slower to speak and form sentences than girls. But, according to where the books say Brae is supposed to be at right now, he’s surpassing it. He can recognize just about every letter in the alphabet by name (in English). He speaks (short) sentences. And he understands if you give him direction in English or Spanish.

I love that boy.

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