PhotobucketA couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Scott and I had invited a photographer, Jason Davis, into our home for the first of two photo shoots… this one to capture the ‘anticipation’ (and my belly!) before the babies arrive, the second one will capture the ‘innocence delivered’ and amazement of our family just after their births. The inspiration came from a comment Scott had made recently of wanting a professional photo or two of the babies just after their births along with seeing beautiful photos Jason had taken for friends of ours who recently had their first child. I consider it just another example of how God is weaving our story together so perfectly, like the many other circumstances He has laid before us that we can trace since our first consideration of embryo adoption.

Scott and I received the link to our anticipation proofs about a week ago and began deciding which ones we wanted to have as portraits within the house, so the twins will always have a visualization of where they came from… I am so thrilled that this phase of our pregnancy didn’t escape us before God gave us the epiphany to capture it. In sending the proofs to family and friends, we received so many comments back on how beautiful they were… not only because Jason does an excellent job with lighting and composition, but also because it’s impossible not to see our joy for bringing these two precious lives fully into this world.

I think my Aunt Eileen summed it up best when she described the ‘peacefulness’ she saw in Scott and me. Scott and I feel blessed for having learned early in our marriage that true peace could only come from seeking then finding God and following His will for our shared lives. We can say with certainty that our peace is authentic and a true gift from above… something we look forward to passing on to all of our children.

Another element to the perfect peace we’ve been blessed with is the continued reassurance on how the twins are thriving. We just started our 34th week and had a check-up today where we received more exciting news… the girls continue to grow bigger and stronger. By estimation, one is 4 ½ lbs and the other is just one ounce shy of 5 lbs!! That’s 30 and 56 percentile respectively… and compared to singletons!! Their heartbeats both remain strong and one of the babies even completely flipped its position in the last three weeks.

I am in awe as to how my body… and theirs… have maintained such a pregnancy so far. The feelings are still so vivid, at how in the early weeks I just prayed they’d get to a point where they could be born, even if they had to be sustained with an extended stay in the NICU. Now, this morning, with our nurse practitioner we scheduled an OR for delivery three weeks from today!! We’ll have their lung development tested the day before, and if it follows suit with their growth so far, they’ll be in our arms the next day!! Isaiah 26:3-4

(PHOTOS: The portrait of happy Mommy and Daddy that will adorn the twins’ nursery; Scott selected for his office the portrait of me sitting peacefully in a chair by a window loving our daughters already.)

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