PhotobucketYesterday was an extraordinarily difficult day. We’re finishing week 35 today and guesstimating at least 11 lbs of baby rolling around in there. Just what we prayed for, plump babies that stay in as long as possible… so no complaints, but comfort has a very narrow window in all that.

What’s keeping me focused is God’s glorious grace. It could be a lot easier right now carrying just one baby, but that would mean the obvious… one of our daughters would not have developed to be brought into this world… and that would be devastating, everyday. Last evening I let that thought replace the physical pain, and knew in a heartbeat I would always choose the path we’re on now.

We’re not much of a TV household… too much activity usually, but last night Scott put on American Idol… something I could listen to with my eyes closed. One of the contestants sang “Hero” by Mariah Carey. Fourteen years ago that was the song my sister Jennifer and I used to finish a mix tape (remember those??) we made for our sister, Julie, when she started chemotherapy… a collection of songs to inspire her to push through, and to know that we were always thinking of her. I pulled from Julie’s example last night as she did from the example of Christ… in knowing that His glorious prize awaits just around the corner. Philippians 1:29


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