PhotobucketHello 28 weeks, and helllooooo 3rd (and final!) trimester! It’s so nice to meet your acquaintance. I trust you’ll be kinder to me than your two younger sisters.

Today was my glucose screening test. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. For weeks, I’ve heard horror stories about how awful the sweet drink would be. First, I selected the orange kind. Second, they had it cold for me. Third, I drank it with a straw. I was surprised at how NOT bad it tasted. (Course, I’m a sugar girl, and had been abstaining all day). The only bad part is that at 2 minutes left (they give you 10), I still had a ways to go. That’s when I just had to start suckling down the stuff. That’s when I could see why other women have thought it so bad. There’s this bitter after taste when you suck it down that fast. And you immediately want some water, and yet, can’t have any.

Right after I drank, I had my dr appt. It was not with my regular ob/gyn, so it was a little less comfortable. I’ve gained a total of 13 lbs. Heart rate was 145. He said my uterus doesn’t have much more room to grow upward, so I’m going to start protruding horizontally.

Sienna has been moving a lot more lately, and for the first time, others are able to feel it. That’s pretty cool. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the baby movements, I am starting to get more used to them, and of course, greatly appreciate and am thankful for them.

Heartburn is still pretty bad. Still adverse to meat. But no vomiting, and only mild nausea in mornings/evenings. Sleep isn’t so bad, except for the frequent trips to the bathroom. My hair is growing rapidly, as I’m noticing the roots start to show (I wasn’t born blond; but I was born to BE a blond!)

And… sorry if TMI … but I’ve started leaking the colostrum.



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