— There were approximately 10 couples there. We were the only ones that already have a child.

— All of us are due within weeks of each other. And are all delivering at the same hospital.

— We watched a video and saw lots of graphics of the female anatomy, pregnant

— I was the only one who got up to use the bathroom, repeatedly

— There is a “contraction counter” app available on an iphone. We have a “baby app” on my husband’s iphone. It was free. The “contraction counter” is an “advanced” app that costs $3. We don’t want to pay $3 for it. We’ll use a stopwatch. That’s free.

— The first phase of labor lasts about 8 hours, and not much happens. My husband thinks he can get in a round of golf.

— The instructor had a life-sized cloth infant that she held up to her belly to simulate a birth.

— My husband was uncomfortable the entire time.

— At the end of the night, my husband and I had the following dialogue:
ME: So what did you learn tonight, honey?
HUSBAND: (After a long pause) … I learned you have a mucus plug in your cervix.
ME: You didn’t know that?
HUSBAND: I never wanted to know that.

On a related note, you know how every marriage goes through seasons? Right now, my husband and I are in a very sweet, intimate season. No longer nauseated, I feel more like myself. There is a sense of teamwork as we prepare for Sienna’s arrival. There is a sense of gratitude for the son we already have, and the precious little time we have left with just him alone. There is a sense of peace that soon, our little family will be complete.


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