PhotobucketToday is one of the most special days of the year for those who are Christians. Although in the last few days of His life, the apostles were beside themselves with trepidation at the thought of Christ leaving them, He consoled them that this is actually a time of great joy. In John 14, Christ promised that He was not leaving us as orphans but rather going on to be with our Father to prepare for us a place in heaven and that our Father would send us in His place a mighty Counselor who will be with us and in us always.

I love reading John 14 on Good Friday… especially today, with all that God has given to our family during the past year. The week before last Easter, Scott and I traveled with a small group from our church to Central Asia for a mission trip. During that time we had been praying that soon our adoption would be finalized and we would be pregnant… this trip would be the last opportunity for a long time. The week was glorious and when we returned home the night before Easter we felt as if we had only been away about five minutes… every moment of that week was a pure testimony to God.

Scott and I awoke early on Easter Sunday, attended sunrise service and spent the rest of the day with family. The next morning we received an unexpected phone call we’ll never forget. The NEDC had just received a cancellation and since Scott and I were local they were calling to ask if we could take the appointment for the next day to finalize our adoption and begin the transfer process. We told them we’d be there in 15 minutes if they needed us to be!!

The rest is wonderful history. That’s how we received Cambria Genevieve and Julia Grace, the exact two precious little girls our family was meant to have. What’s amazing about this Easter is it falls on April 24th, the first time in almost 200 years Easter has been so late in the year. It is also my sister, Julie’s, birthday… Julia’s namesake.

When Scott and I were in the operating room seven weeks ago and Julia was pulled from my womb second, after she gave her little yelp our doctor said “oh, look at that little birthmark on her back”. I couldn’t see it them, but right in the middle of her lower back is a reddish stork-bite type birthmark that looks like a symmetrical jig saw puzzle piece… or if you look closer, a little set of wings. We consider it even further proof that she is an angel sent to us by God… our second bonus baby girl, named after my sister in heaven and God’s immeasurable grace. Christ has not left us, nor has he left Cambria and Julia orphans… God brought us all together beautifully as only He can do.

As I sit here typing thankfully and listening to our girls gurgle and grunt in their sleep, I am filled with the joy that Christ promised us all. Happy Easter. John 14:28


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