I had my 34 week appointment yesterday. It was all of about 5 minutes.

— Mild scare that maybe I had preeclampsia (sp?) based on urine sample, but blood pressure was low, so nurse didn’t seem concerned and dr. didn’t even bring it up.

— Sienna measuring on track. Heart rate 130. Head still down.

— Belly button has popped. Not attractive beneath shirts.

— Swelling of feet has emerged at night. My toes look like little smokies.

— Sleep is becoming more and more difficult. I get up to pee about 5-10/night, and am constantly trying to find a comfortable position. And, according to my husband, I’ve taken on a new trait of snoring.

— Although I don’t “love” being pregnant, I remain completely grateful for this miracle, for this opportunity, for this chance to experience pregnancy. I know more than anyone how much I wanted this, dreamed of this, cried myself to sleep longing for this experience. I am thankful.

— Despite the bullet above, I do not like being a planet. I’ve gained 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Buh-bye nightly DQ Oreo blizzards. I’ll miss you. (And I am no longer posting my weight!)


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