I had a false alarm on Friday.

I was having lots of painful cramping and contractions, and they seemed to all be running together. I also got a little paranoid that I didn’t think I was feeling her move that much.

I called the on-call doctor, and he told me to go in to get monitored.

I did and everything is just fine. I’m having lots of “uterine irritability”, followed by some Braxton-Hicks contractions, but not labor. (BOO!)

The really frustrating part was the on-call doctor’s evaluation of me. For the last several weeks, my doctor has said I was at station -1, 80% effaced, and apparently 1 cm dilated. This doctor said I am at station -4, not at all effaced, and not at all dilated.

Sienna is never coming.

; )p




I’m officially full term, and Sienna doesn’t care.

She’s waited forever to be born, and I’ve waited forever for her. Sienna doesn’t care.

She “dropped” about a month ago, making my bladder the size of a teaspoon, which causes me to walk around like there is a bowling ball between my legs. Sienna doesn’t care.

I’m still at station -1. Still 80% effaced. And still not dilated. (Well, I’m “maybe” a “fingertip” dilated, says the dr. I think he offered that up half-heartedly to appease the look on my face).

I know, I know. First pregnancies usually go late. There should be no reason to think she would have been early. Get over it. Besides, she’s a lot easier to take care of in there than out here. I know, I know. She’s clearly having too good of a time in there, so just let her be. She’ll come when she’s good and ready. I know, I know.

Enough with the Britney pity party (as my mom used to say).

Moving on — observations of a 2-year-old:

1) Can we address this basketball obsession for a moment? It’s been going on for over a year now. The boy plays basketball every night. He watches basketball on TV, live pick up games, and even high school games. He shouts whenever he sees a basketball hoop, “Mommy, yo quiero dunk it” (Mom, I want to dunk it). He goes to “sports camp” each Saturday where he is supposed to learn a new sport each week. You guessed it, he’s the one and only boy, in the corner, playing basketball by himself the whole time while the other kids play soccer, baseball, tennis, etc. I think we have a phenom on our hands. Or, as my husband says, at least he has the passion. And hey, isn’t that all you need?

2) Boys break things. A lot. Recent deaths have been door handles and blinds. I’m looking forward to tea parties.

3) Brae officially knows more Spanish than I do. He spends 8 hours a day communicating exclusively in Spanish at his school. He’s been at his school since he was 13 weeks old. He’s now 2.5. I’m no good at math, but that is a LOT of hearing, learning, and speaking Spanish. There are often times when he rambles and I just can’t understand him. But I figured it was 2-year-old gibberish. Nope. It’s Spanish. I figured it out yesterday when his teacher laughed and said that Brae was calling one of the other teachers a “lechuza”. I didn’t know what that was (and I know quite a bit of Spanish). After several minutes of trying to find a picture, Brae came up to me and said, “Mommy, la lechuza is “owl.” Tygh and I just turned to each other, stunned.

4) Brae is bossy. I’ve noticed it for a while, but finally asked his teachers if he’s bossy at school as well as at home. They smiled and nodded. Except, they said he’s just the “lider” (leader). Thanks, ladies, for putting a positive spin on it.



Last week, my sister in-law inspired me to send an email to Brae’s birthmom. I wanted to thank her for the incredible gift she gave us in our son. Now 38 weeks pregnant myself, for the first time, I feel I can relate to her on a whole new level — what it must be like to carry a child for 9-10 months and then relinquish it in love to another family. It astounds me.

So, I decided to email her a note of thanks. Keep in mind, I did not expect a reply. Although I’ve regularly sent her emails with pictures and updates of our son, she rarely responds. In fact, despite sending numerous emails over the last 7 months, I have never once heard back from her. I don’t fault her for this at all, or pass any judgment on it. Again, I cannot imagine what it is like to feel a child move inside of you, and then allow another family to forever hold that child and call it their own. I trust that her way of “moving on” is best for her.

My email was simple. A thank you for giving us the gift of parenthood. To my absolute and complete shock, she responded. This is what she said:

“I like to think God gave me this situation to show me I’m strong enough to do anything. Brae was made in me to be born to you.

“When I met you and Tygh, I felt such a peace in my soul knowing you were the parents of Brae. I’ve never second guessed that decision, even with the difficulty of paperwork, and visits, and judgments from family and friends. I knew a peace that can only come from Jesus Christ.

“Thank you for being the parents I trusted you to be. I love you both with a deep love that I can’t explain as we are perfect strangers drawn together by the strength and love of Jesus.

“You are a beautiful, loving mother, and I can’t tell you the joy I feel knowing you are finally experiencing everything you always dreamed of. I look forward to seeing everyone this fall.”

Wow. I am blessed beyond measure.



Thank you thank you for your prayers and encouragement. They were felt. ; )

We had about a 30 minute ultrasound this afternoon. Sienna is NOT measuring small. In fact, she’s in the 38th percentile, and they estimate she weighs about 6 lbs., 6 oz. All of her measurements were good, including fluid levels. She was moving around a lot.

The high risk doctor said everything looks great and not to be worried. She thought the doctor I saw yesterday was unable to get a good measurement because she’s down so low.

She is still at station -1, I’m still 80% effaced, and not dilated. Her heart rate was 134 today.

We even got some 3d shots of her, and my is she a cutie! (Of course, I’m biased!). She does have these adorable, pucker-like lips that I can’t wait to kiss myself.

This little scare definitely sealed the deal for me. I am 100% completely, totally, hopelessly in love with this little girl. Any doubt I ever had about whether I’d be able to love her as much as my son has disappeared. I already do.

On a much (much) lighter note, the following:

1) Sienna gave me a Mother’s Day card. It said, “Hi Mom, I can’t wait to see you. Push hard.”

2) I’m putting together my “labor playlist” on my IPod. I’m taking suggestions, so please offer up. At this point, I’m thinking some winners are “Under pressure,” “We are the champions”, and “Eye of the tiger”…. what do you think? ; )



Yesterday, I went in for my 37 week appointment. I saw a new doctor and he said my belly is measuring small — about 2.5-3 weeks behind. He said it could be due to a variety of factors — she’s just smaller, it’s hard to get an accurate read because she’s so far down, or I’m just a smaller person. Worst case is that she’s stopped growing, or there is some abnormality.

He ordered a “fancy” ultrasound for today.

Please, if you think of it, lift up a prayer for little Sienna?

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” (Ephesians 3:20).

Thank you and I’ll update later.



A couple “what the hecks?”:

— I have lost two pounds since Thursday, making total weight gain now at 22 lbs. What the heck? Bring back the Dairy Queen, stat!

— I had a dream last night that Sienna was born weighing in at 13.5 lbs, and was 15.5 inches long (both very, very strange measurements for a newborn). Even more strange, she came out with long jet-black hair, and was speaking Spanish. She looked at me, wide-eyed and said, “Yo quiero ir home” (I want to go home). What the heck?

Other items of note:

— Her head is still at station -1.

— I am 80% effaced, not dilated, but according to the doctor “wanting to dilate”.

— On the dinosaur ultrasound machine, she still had her legs closed (modest soul), but we pray believing she is STILL a girl. She also had a full bladder. Why do us girls always insist on holding it?

— We could see she has HAIR! Yay!

Over the last couple of days, I have fallen more and more in love with this little creature. I cannot wait to meet her, to hug her, to hold her, and to smother her with kisses.

And this Saturday is my baby shower!!!!!!!