PhotobucketAlthough tomorrow we will celebrate Mothers Day as my first, I’ve actually felt a special feeling on this day for quite some time. It’s been seven Mothers Days since my husband asked me to love and help him raise his three beautiful children. I have taken that responsibility to heart, and he has recognized me every year on this day. I gave my life not only to him when we married, but also to all that he had given his life to, and that most definitely was his children. Our marriage would not be if I had not realized that undeniable fact from the very beginning.

I became a mother then, not in the conventional way, not because Scott’s children didn’t have a mother, but because I made a commitment to put their needs above my own for the sake of the love I had for their father, my husband. The giving birth piece was never really relevant to me.

Now this year, even with a birth, I have become a mother in a unique way… and I love it all the same. What makes this year special is I have five children I have devoted my life to and love with all my heart… six with my niece, Kayla!!! I wouldn’t trade my station in life with anyone. I feel God has blessed me with a heart that is so open as to have only immense appreciation for all He has graced me with.

So on this day, I want to thank all the donor couples that have put the needs of their embryos above any fears they may have of another couple being mom and dad. This makes you awesome parents. And I want to thank my husband, who shared my faith, in that by following God’s path our family would become only more special. I love being mommy and daddy with you!! Proverbs 31:10, 25-30

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