Thank you thank you for your prayers and encouragement. They were felt. ; )

We had about a 30 minute ultrasound this afternoon. Sienna is NOT measuring small. In fact, she’s in the 38th percentile, and they estimate she weighs about 6 lbs., 6 oz. All of her measurements were good, including fluid levels. She was moving around a lot.

The high risk doctor said everything looks great and not to be worried. She thought the doctor I saw yesterday was unable to get a good measurement because she’s down so low.

She is still at station -1, I’m still 80% effaced, and not dilated. Her heart rate was 134 today.

We even got some 3d shots of her, and my is she a cutie! (Of course, I’m biased!). She does have these adorable, pucker-like lips that I can’t wait to kiss myself.

This little scare definitely sealed the deal for me. I am 100% completely, totally, hopelessly in love with this little girl. Any doubt I ever had about whether I’d be able to love her as much as my son has disappeared. I already do.

On a much (much) lighter note, the following:

1) Sienna gave me a Mother’s Day card. It said, “Hi Mom, I can’t wait to see you. Push hard.”

2) I’m putting together my “labor playlist” on my IPod. I’m taking suggestions, so please offer up. At this point, I’m thinking some winners are “Under pressure,” “We are the champions”, and “Eye of the tiger”…. what do you think? ; )


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