Last week, my sister in-law inspired me to send an email to Brae’s birthmom. I wanted to thank her for the incredible gift she gave us in our son. Now 38 weeks pregnant myself, for the first time, I feel I can relate to her on a whole new level — what it must be like to carry a child for 9-10 months and then relinquish it in love to another family. It astounds me.

So, I decided to email her a note of thanks. Keep in mind, I did not expect a reply. Although I’ve regularly sent her emails with pictures and updates of our son, she rarely responds. In fact, despite sending numerous emails over the last 7 months, I have never once heard back from her. I don’t fault her for this at all, or pass any judgment on it. Again, I cannot imagine what it is like to feel a child move inside of you, and then allow another family to forever hold that child and call it their own. I trust that her way of “moving on” is best for her.

My email was simple. A thank you for giving us the gift of parenthood. To my absolute and complete shock, she responded. This is what she said:

“I like to think God gave me this situation to show me I’m strong enough to do anything. Brae was made in me to be born to you.

“When I met you and Tygh, I felt such a peace in my soul knowing you were the parents of Brae. I’ve never second guessed that decision, even with the difficulty of paperwork, and visits, and judgments from family and friends. I knew a peace that can only come from Jesus Christ.

“Thank you for being the parents I trusted you to be. I love you both with a deep love that I can’t explain as we are perfect strangers drawn together by the strength and love of Jesus.

“You are a beautiful, loving mother, and I can’t tell you the joy I feel knowing you are finally experiencing everything you always dreamed of. I look forward to seeing everyone this fall.”

Wow. I am blessed beyond measure.


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