Have you ever seen that movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? You know, the one where he wakes up and every day is the same? No matter what he does, he can’t escape Groundhog Day?

That is kind of like how my OB appointments have become. No change.

I had my 39 week appointment today. No change. I’ve been at the same station, effacement, dilation (lack thereof) for about a month now. I’ve even regressed and am back to a “fingertip” dilated. My doctor even asked me if I’ve ever had anything done to my cervix, like had it frozen. (Excuse me?)

But, we have a plan. We are going to escape Groundhog Day. Monday is my due date. If I’m still in Groundhog Day, he’ll induce on the 13th. If I’ve moved a little (dilated), he’ll induce on the 8th.

Either way, Sienna is going to be here by at least the 14th! (Which is my mom’s birthday, and Flag Day! It would be neat to have Brae and Sienna each be born on a holiday!)


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