Stats from Sienna’s Two Month Checkup:

— Girl is not starving. She weighs 12 lbs, 10 oz. That is the 80th percentile, people. She has doubled her birth weight. She’s a full pound and a half more than Brae was at this age.

— She’s also a smart cookie. Her head is in the 80th percentile. Brae’s was in the 90th.

— Thankfully, her height is at least keeping up a little. She’s in the 50th percentile for height. Brae was a full inch and a half longer than she at this same age.

— In a nutshell, I’ve got two kiddos with large noggins. One is long and skinny. The other is short and stout. I love them both equally.

— Sienna was diagnosed with torticollis (occurs in about 1:250 kids). Basically, that’s a fancy name for a stiff neck. Or, as my husband says, “She tends to list to the port.” Meaning, her range of motion on one side of her neck is limited, and she sort of tilts her head to the side. It likely happened with being kinked in the womb. Our pediatrician recommended physical therapy, which we have gone to our first appointment. The treatment regime involves lots of stretching and a TON of tummy time. Sienna despises both. However, I must admit, after 5 days of treatment now, we think we are seeing improvement. On her tummy, she is able to lift her neck up and turn it from side to side. With the stretching, she seems to be waiting longer and longer before she starts crying. The torticollis has also caused her to have a flat side on the back of her head because of the way in which she likes to lie down, so I’m going to ask the therapist about a helmet that will allow her skull to continue to grow without restriction or irregularity. I’m so thankful we did an open adoption because I’ve been able to talk to our Ohio couple and discovered Sienna’s genetic sibling also had torticollis! Needless to say, lots of very helpful emails have been exchanged about what we can expect, treatment plans, etc. The best part is that Sienna’s genetic counterpart has grown into a beautiful little girl with no remnants of the effects of torticollis. ; )

Brae updates:

— He’s gotten sneaky. Yesterday, he was going through my purse and taking out all of the gum. I asked him to put them back. He nodded and disappeared, I assumed to go put the gum back in my purse. He emerged a few minutes later with a sly look on his face, and he had one hand behind his back. He tried to sidestep me, averting eye contact, and go into the living room. I asked, “Brae, what do you have in your hand?” “Nothing,” he said, as he kept walking. “Let me see your hand.” He stopped, turned, and slowly pulled his hand out from behind his back and opened his fist to reveal a handful of smashed gum pieces. It was the first time I realized that my son was capable of deceiving me.

— He called 911. I didn’t know it until my phone started ringing and I didn’t recognize the number. I answered. “Yes, this is the 911 Emergency Department. You called. What is your emergency?” “Huh? Oh… no…. my son must have found my phone and dialed 911. I didn’t know he even knew how to do that. I’m so sorry.” I must admit, I was slightly impressed and was feeling pretty full of myself as a parent that my son knew how to dial 911. That’s when the operator informed me that cell phones automatically call 911 when the keys are smashed together. Figures.


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