A year ago today, baby Sienna was transferred in my womb. She was five days gestation. She was also transferred with her other sibling, who was released straight into Jesus’s arms.

A year ago today, I saw a picture of Sienna as an embryo. (She’s a lot cuter now).

A year ago today, I saw life on a photograph, and life was growing inside of me.

A year ago today, my dreams of experiencing pregnancy were fulfilled. The words God spoke to me a year prior were being completed. He had given me a “promise of God;” He had given me my Sienna.

Thank you, Lord, for doing a great work in me. I’m so very blessed and thankful.


What I will miss most about maternity leave (a Top Ten list):

#10: Not showering for two, three (okay, maybe four) days in a row

#9: Wearing the same clothes for a week

#8: Going to the grocery store on Mondays and hanging out with all the old people

#7: Dr. Phil

#6: The morning and afternoon stroller walks taking Brae to school … ten miles each way, up hills both ways, with holes in my shoes, in ten feet of snow … oh, wait

#5: Cleaning house, wiping Sienna’s mouth, doing laundry, wiping Sienna’s mouth, making dinner, wiping Sienna’s mouth …

#4: Mid-morning naps, afternoon naps, late afternoon naps … (Sienna’s, unfortunately, not mine)

#3: Organizing the pantry… alphabetically

#2: Finding random people on facebook, stalking their lives, but never befriending them

…. and the #1 thing I will miss most about maternity leave…

#1: Being able to pick up my daughter, hold her, hug her, and kiss her whenever I wanted to.

I’ll miss you so much, baby girl. Work is a necessary evil.


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