This last weekend, we had our second visit with Brae’s birthmom. Our first visit was last year.

In preparation for this visit, I’d been telling Brae tidbits about his birth story. Just little age-appropriate nuggets. Like, “Brae, did you know that when you were a baby, you lived in Rachael’s belly? And she loved you SOOO much that she gave you as a gift to Mommy and Daddy.”

His interpretation of that? … hold on to your seat pants … “Rachael had a tummy ache, and she gave it to Mommy and Daddy.” Love that boy.

The visit could not have gone any better. We met at a kids’ play gym near Rachael’s hometown, which is about 2 hours from us. Rachael brought her daughter, who is Brae’s biological half-sister. She is six years old. And she is not only the spitting physical image of a female Brae, she is the spitting personality image (they even whine the same). Same facial expressions, same mannerisms, same gait.

We’ve never seen Brae interact or play with anyone the way he did Madison. They were thick as thieves from Minute One. Imagine playing with someone who is SO much like you. The same things made them giggle. The same things made them laugh out loud. The same things made them upset. Brae literally could not get enough of her. It was truly an incredible gift to watch.

We also learned some similarities, and perhaps got to look in the Crystal Ball…:

1) Madison LOVES basketball. Go figure.
2) Madison is good at math, not that interested in reading.
3) Madison is VERY outgoing and sociable. She is a natural born leader.
… and?
4) Madison was not potty-trained until she was between 3-4 years old. Rachael said she was just so bull-headed she refused to use the toilet. (Gee… this sounds familiar…)

Thank you, Jesus, for letting me hear that!

All in all, it was a fantastic visit. Rachael is doing amazing and it was such a treat to see both of them. And, proof positive that God blessed us doubly with her?

Rachael: “People sometimes ask me how I had the strength to choose adoption. I just keep telling them that he wasn’t mine to begin with.”


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