— 80th percentile for head.
— 85th percentile for weight (girl is almost 16 lbs!) (She’s already in size 9 month Carter clothes)
— 95th percentile for height! Yowza.

I’m definitely the shorty in this family.

Dr. said she’s got incredible muscle tone and strength. (I’m sure she has incredible core muscles after all the crying she did the first 3 months of life…. )

I didn’t get a scolding for taking her to a chiropractor. Phew.

Her neck has improved SO much.

Her eyes are still a hypnotic blue. Dr. says they will probably stay that way. (We’re in trouble).

Girl has eczema. We got a prescription.

Her “flat spot” on her head is “mild”.

And… drumroll… Dr. commented what a “happy” girl she is.

SOOOO nice to hear that vs. what I’d been hearing from strangers the first 3 months of her life.


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