TOP FIVE REASONS Why I Think Everyone (especially those with a history of infertility) Should Try A Gluten-Free Diet….

[Background: I went Gluten-Free (GF) for 4 months before our transfer, and through the first trimester. After recently being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and having tested positive for a gluten sensitivity, and also likely actually having Celiac disease (it can only be officially diagnosed with an intestinal probe), I have been GF again for over 3 weeks]

5. It’s not that hard.
I promise. Last year, yes, it was very hard. I think that was in part due to the fact I really did not want to do it. Due in part because it was a complete and total lifestyle change for me. Due in part because the market did not have nearly as much to offer in the way of alternatives as it does now. There are SO many options out there today vs. last year. Every single meal that I want to make, I can. I just have to find substitutes. And I’ve never not been able to. Case in point…

4. There is actually GF bread that tastes good!
My personal favorite is a brand called “Udi’s”. But I’ve tried a couple of others and they are good as well. Yes, you have to keep the bread in the fridge, and yes, you have to put it in the toaster before you eat. But it does taste really good. Has completely satisfied my craving for bread, which was my biggest concern.

3. It does not take that long to see or feel results.
Last year, I was such a skeptic about the benefits of going GF. I was also on a ton of hormones getting my body ready for the transfer, so who knows if I would have noticed any outward benefits, anyway. This time around, I’ve noticed some very perceptible changes, and just in a matter of weeks. I have not once felt bloated or heavy. I feel very light and have a lot of energy. Also, and this is a big one for me, my menstrual cramps have been extremely mild. In fact, barely noticeable at all. (This is not surprising since gluten is associated with tissue inflammation). That alone is worth going GF, for me!

2. The correlation between gluten and IF is r.e.a.l.
The research into how gluten affects IF is growing, and is real. Even among people who have no otherwise outward symptom of a gluten sensitivity (like me). If you are interested in knowing more than you ever thought you could, I will gladly send you the research and clinical information my endocrinologist sent me.

1. It is just healthier. Period.
Gluten, and its derivatives, are in most processed foods. By eating more organic, and less processed foods, you are just generally healthier. And, if we are to be good stewards of this body God has given us, it is our responsibility to take care of what we put into it. No, gluten is not the “answer” to pregnancy, and you cannot go GF with the mind that it will get you pregnant. You will only be disappointed. As a believer, I feel that only God (and God only) is the giver (and taker) of life. But, why wouldn’t we do our part and at least make a welcoming home in which to receive that gift?



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