Brae story:

Whenever Brae has had a boo-boo, I’ve always kissed it and magically it just gets better. He really believes in the healing power of my kiss.

So, it was no wonder when the other day, he slipped on the hardwood floor and went straight down on his bum. He picked himself up, pulled down his pants, and his underwear (yes! underwear! not diaper!), and called out my name. “Mommy!” I came rushing down to find him backing his bum up to my face. “Mommy! Kiss my butt!”


At last week’s physical therapy appointment, the therapist said that if Sienna’s neck has not dramatically improved by 6 months (1 month from now), she would recommend a physiotherapist and possible Botox injections in her neck.

Seriously? Injecting Botulism in my daughter?

I think we’ll be getting a new physical therapist.


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