We had Brae’s three-year appointment today.


— 75th percentile for weight
— 70th percentile for height

Dr. observations:

— He was very impressed with how well Brae talks.  Brae was the typical clown and had the dr. in stitches the whole time.
— He was very impressed that Brae is bilingual.
— He said Brae is very intelligent,very outgoing and sociable.

(Okay, seriously, don’t ALL doctors say ALL these nice things to their patients? I can’t really imagine a dr. saying, “Gee, your child is pretty dumb…”)

— He gave us some good tips for battling the bedtime temper tantrums.
— Brae showed off his Spiderman underwear.

Cute Brae story: This morning, as we were rushing around the house to get to the doctor, I put Brae in his bathroom in front of the mirror.  I gave him his toothbrush with toothpaste on it.  Brae really wanted to call Daddy on the cell phone and tell him that he wanted to go golfing with him.

Me: “Brae, here, you brush your teeth and I’ll go get the cell phone.”
Brae: “No, Mommy.  You brush the teeth and I’ll go get the cell phone.”

Hmmm…. he must have seen great grandma take her teeth out one too many times.


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