— This last weekend, I witnessed a miracle. In Brae’s room, there is a large, heavy glass globe covering his ceiling light. Kind of like this:

Brae and Sienna were rolling around on the floor, beneath the ceiling light. I was sitting near them, leaning against the closet. After watching them giggle and play, I decided it was time to get Brae dressed for the football game he was going to. I pulled Brae away from the center of the room and toward the closet. And then I swept Sienna up right alongside me so she could watch as I got Brae dressed.

Then… within seconds after swooping the kiddos to my side, this ceiling light crashed to the floor and broke into a thousand pieces. It broke in the EXACT place that both Sienna and Brae had been seconds before. It was such a loud sound, we were all shaken. The glass scattered all throughout the room, except none in our direction.

Seconds earlier, my son and my daughter were lying on their backs, giggling, staring up at that very light. I cannot stop replaying the “what-ifs” in my head.

I immediately fell flat on my face in prayer and thanksgiving.


— I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Brae is a basketball phenomenon. This last weekend, we went to a birthday party that was held at an indoor arcade place, of sorts. They had a pop-a-shot basketball game, which we ended up spending all of our tokens on. Brae played for probably 20 minutes, and by the end, he had gathered a small crowd of onlookers around him, marveling at this little boy, with his stance, jump shot, and swooshing in basket after basket. I was so proud.

— And speaking of so proud, my husband just got a huge job promotion at work! I know how much a man’s career means to them and their self-esteem, and I could not be prouder that my husband has put his heart and soul into his job, and it is being recognized and rewarded.

I am thankful and blessed.


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