— As the product of divorce, we travel all over God’s green earth celebrating Christmas. This year was no exception. Four Christmases this year = lots of booty for the kiddos.

— Yet, in it all, we kept reminding Brae that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Because Jesus is so special, we get to celebrate His birthday over a period of 4 days. And the reason we give each other gifts on Christmas is because the 3 wise men brought presents when Jesus was born. Giving gifts to each other is a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

— Brae must have sung “Happy Birthday” to Jesus about 10 times over the long weekend. When I would ask him how old Jesus is, he replied, “Jesus is 2.”

— When Brae woke up Christmas morning, he immediately started heading downstairs. I had to yell, “WAIT! Don’t go downstairs yet!”, as I quickly finished getting dressed, raced downstairs after him, in search of the video camera. “Don’t come down, Brae! Mommy has to get the video camera!” At that point, Brae was on the bottom step, but had not yet turned to see the tree or presents. I jumped over him, and darted toward the camera. Huffing and puffing, I turned it on, and said, “Okay, now you can come downstairs.” Brae smiled. Then he gleefully climbed all the way back up the stairs and started s.l.o.w.l.y coming down the stairs again. Cute kid — he thought the big excitement was him climbing down the stairs. Ha ha! When he did turn the corner on the last step, and saw all the presents that were not there the night before, he stopped dead in his tracks and his mouth fell to the floor.

— Brae’s birth family mailed to the agency a TON of gifts for him that I then picked up. We feel so blessed that his birth family has sent gifts to him each year, and a card with all their signatures saying how much they love him.

— Sienna’s genetic family also sent her a TON of gifts that were so special to us and meant so much. The best, by far, was a recordable storybook about Frosty the Snowman. The first page of the book opens with them all wishing her a first merry Christmas with her family. They say how much they love her and think of her and how they hope to meet her one day. I still have yet to read the entire book, because I can’t stop crying long enough to turn the first page. We are so blessed to have extended families that love our kiddos so much.

— Brae-ism: We are practicing putting on underwear the correct way. The other day, I must have told Brae three different times that the flap in the front indicates the front of his underwear, and that the solid part in the back indicates the back of his underwear. Yet, each time, he kept putting the underwear on backwards. Finally, sensing my frustration, he pulled off his underwear, held it out in front of him, stuck his head inside it, looked around, and then pulled his head out. “Mom,” he said, “there’s no map in there.” And then he walked away, naked.

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Sienna’s 6 month stats:

— She is 27 3/4 inches (98th percentile). She is actually 3/4 of an inch longer than Brae at this same age.
— She weighs 18 lbs, 11.5 ounces (90th percentile). She is 2 pounds heavier than Brae at this same age.
— Her head is 17 inches circumference. That is the 76th percentile.

All in all, a well-proportioned girl. She has been in 12-18 month clothes…. for a while.

She is sitting on her own for periods of time. And she rolls, rolls, rolls.

Dr. said her eyes will probably stay the color they are (sky blue). We are in trouble. ; )

She’s starting to get a little more hair. It’s strawberry blond.

We received a Christmas card from our donors, and their children’s 3rd grade pictures. The resemblance between Sienna and her genetic sister is ASTOUNDING. If Sienna ends up looking anything like her, she is going to be a beauty (of course, we believe she already is).

Her torticollis has greatly improved. The PT thinks she may only need one more appointment. She still likely has several more chiro appointments in her future, however.

Brae stories:

— We had a visit from Roto-Rooter the other night. Brae stuffed an entire roll of ultra-thick Charmin toilet paper down the toilet. That ended up being a $150 dollar lesson.

— Brae only needs about 10-11 hours of sleep, total, in a 24-hour period. He takes a 2-hour nap at his school. Which means he only needs 8-9 hours at night. Which means he often likes to play in his room until about 9-10 p.m. at night (much to our chagrin). Which also means that Mommy and Daddy are in bed before he is (!). Sometimes, this poses a problem. Case in point — it was 9:30 last night and Tygh and I had just climbed into bed. We had heard Brae talking to his imaginary schoolmates in his room. Then, about 10 minutes later, I hear Brae open his door. Silence. Silence for the next 5 minutes.

More silence.

Then, I hear a loud “HOLA!” from Flicker, his Handy Manny flashlight. Brae is pointing Flicker right in my face, and has turned on the light right in my eyes.

Me: “Brae, what are you doing?
Brae: “Mommy, I came to say good night and I needed a flashlight to come and find you.”

Sigh. How can I ever get upset with this boy?









— ‘Tis the season to teach my son about giving. Sure, I try to do it year-round, but this time of year provides a wealth of opportunities. I really wanted to do something very impactful, like serve at a soup kitchen, but I have to remind myself he’s only 3 years old, and what really can he comprehend? So, my work participates in the community food drives, so I thought that would be a perfect opportunity. Last night, I sat Brae down and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Brae, you know when you are hungry, Mommy and Daddy give you food?”
Brae: (nods)
Me: “Well, did you know that there are some people that don’t have any food? So, when they are hungry, they don’t have any food to eat.”
Brae: (eyes get very wide). “No food to eat?”
Me: “That’s right. Would you like to fill a box with some food and give it to the people who don’t have any food to eat?”
Brae: (eyes widen again) “Yes!”

So, for the next ten minutes, we filled up a box with food from our pantry, and I tried to explain to Brae that they would not want his half-eaten boxes of raisins.

— Brae is Mr. Entertainer. He loves to make people laugh. Case in point — were playing t-ball in the living room last night, and after he hit the ball, he’d chase after it, carrying his bat. Well, he tripped over his bat and totally bit it on the floor. He just started laughing hysterically. Then, he saw me laughing. Well, that was way too much for him to handle — he loved doing that. So, for the next half an hour, he’d chase after the ball again, and then pretend to totally bite it on the floor again, and again, and again. He just wanted to make his Mommy laugh.

— Brae: “Mommy, why does the moon follow us home every night?”
Me: “Ummmmmm……”