— Sienna’s top toofers are coming in — one has broken through (the girl now as 3! At 6 months!). Their arrival has not been nearly as easy as her bottom toofers, and suffice it to say I have not had a lot of sleep the last several nights.

— Sienna is sitting up like a champ. Her neck is still getting better, and the PT has now released us from any more appointments. It’s been a long 4 months of sometimes 3 doctor appointments a week. We will continue to go to the chiro appointments, but I’m hoping those will taper off, too.

— We went to the family cabin in the mountain for the long NYE weekend with Tygh’s sister and her husband and their 19-month-old son, who is Brae’s cousin brother. He is also adopted, and Brae adores him. It was so great to get away with some family and ring in the new year together (even if we were in bed the second after midnight).

— Here are some fun pics through the eyes of Americana: public sledding down a random hill off the highway = mass chaos. I alone witnessed three separate incidents that probably all require some kind of medical treatment.

Last week, Brae also attended his first professional basketball game with Tygh. Tygh’s company has courtside seats, so he took Tygh and a friend of Tygh’s and his 5-year-old son. It was a complete blast that Brae is still talking about (and wearing his jersey to bed each night). If you know my son, he LOVES basketball. It didn’t get much better than this!

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