A series of coincidences, or something more?

I have a very good friend, whose privacy I have agreed to maintain, but we’ll call her Zoe.

Zoe has been trying to get pregnant for many years, and a couple years ago, adopted a son. She and her husband have gone through many rounds of fertility treatment, unsuccessfully.

Recently, Zoe and I made an informal pact to step up our quiet times in the morning, reading the Bible, and sharing what we’re learning with each other. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to earnestly be praying that we would each spontaneously get pregnant. (You heard that right — Tygh and I are open to a 3rd child, but only if it happens spontaneously.)

We each know the medical diagnoses we’ve received, so that if we did get pregnant spontaneously, it would be no small miracle. And, because we believe it’s important to pray specific prayers so you receive specific answers, we’ve each boldly and with great faith and expectation have begun praying to spontaneously get pregnant this year.

A couple days ago, Zoe and her husband were wrestling with whether to do another round of fertility treatment. Yesterday, I was flipping through FaceBook, and found this verse on a friend’s page: “The Lord will fight for you. You just need to be still.” Exodus 14:14. (Other interpretations are “You need to stay calm” and “You need to hold your peace”).

I texted this verse to Zoe. Immediately, she wrote back that was the confirmation she needed. She and her husband decided that they would not do any more fertility treatment, but instead “be still” and fervent in prayer that God would indeed bless them with a spontaneous pregnancy.

For many months, she and her husband have believed that God would bless them with a pregnancy, with a daughter, and that they were to name her “Abby”. (Does any of this sound familiar?!) “Abby” was one of their son’s first words, and lately, Zoe has been seeing that name EVERYWHERE.

Zoe and I emailed most of yesterday. During one of the emails, I told her I had this very strong “picture/vision” in my head. It was of a forest. I was looking at a forest full of trees, and yet could see this very bright, multi-colored light behind the trees. The light was moving. I told Zoe I felt very strongly that this “picture/vision” was from God and that He was using it to tell us that even in the midst of the forests of our lives (infertility), He IS moving. He IS working. He’s already in the forest, working on our behalf.

Last night, as I was driving home, I texted Zoe, “So what does Abby mean, anyway?”

Zoe: “It means ‘Joy of the Father'”.

When I received that text, my heart stopped. I almost couldn’t breathe.

I texted back, “You know that Bible verse I sent you this morning? You know how I told you I saw it on a friend’s FaceBook page? Do you know which friend it was? It was my friend Joy’s page.”

(I still get chills).

And, then, this morning, Zoe sent me an email with this picture, below. “Look what randomly popped up on Pinterest last night. It’s your vision.”

Again, full. body. chills.

A series of coincidences?

I think not.


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