In the interest of levity… Five Little Known Facts about Me:

1. I wear slippers or fuzzy socks to bed every night. However, invariably, I slip them off after about 5 minutes. Into the covers. So, at any given time, there are at least six pairs of socks or slippers under the covers, at the foot of my bed. It causes my husband endless frustration.

2. I was a prep in high school. I went to a hippie college. I had a lot of trouble reconciling the two. I resolved it by wearing Grateful Dead shirts, ripped up jeans, and penny loafers. I rocked it.

3. I hate to cook. You would hate to eat what I cook. In high school, my parents made me cook a meal once a week. It didn’t last long. For enchiladas, did you know you are supposed to brown the meat before you put it in the tortillas, and then in the oven? Why you would need to cook it twice is beyond me.

4. I love 80s music. A great day for me is when I can hear Lionel Ritchie, Starship, and Peter Cetera on the radio in one sitting.

5. I have a pretty expansive vocabulary. I like using ridiculously commodious words whenever possible. And, when I can’t think of a word that works, I will make one up.


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