1. He is all boy. The other day, after swim class, we went into the locker room to get him in the shower and dressed. As I was by the lockers gathering his stuff together, I see him pause in front of the shower. He still had his swim shorts on. He looked down at his feet. Then I see this trickle coming down his leg, and pooling onto the concrete floor. Urine. Then I see him, without hesitation, scoop down with his right hand and gather up some urine. Then he proceeds to place his hand directly in his mouth and (gasp) drink his urine. Now if you think that I was standing idly by watching all of this, you are sorely mistaken. As soon as I saw the urine start to pool, I was running (seemingly in slow motion) to halt the inevitable.

2. Brae: “Mommy, you are a princess. Sienna is a princess. Brae is a BIG boy. And Daddy is muy grande.”

3. Brae: “Mommy, the sun is up really high. I can’t reach it. I need a ladder.”

4. Brae and Sienna hold hands in their car seats. It melts my heart. I’ll look in my rear view mirror and see Brae reaching his hand out to Sienna, and she’s reaching her hand out to him. And then they connect and just clasp on for dear life, and smile.









Sienna had her 9 month checkup today. The highlights:

  • We have a lovely, larger than life daughter. She is 20 lbs, 8 oz. That is the 85th percentile. [When Brae was 9 months, he weighed 19.5 lbs, which was the 40th percentile for boys].
  • She is 29 inches. That is the 95th percentile. [When Brae was 9 months, he was 28.5 inches, which was the 60th percentile for boys].
  • She has 8 teeth, with two more on the way. [When Brae was 9 months, he still only had 2]
  • She is extremely strong. The doctor noticed that even on her first day of life when he remarked that she had very good muscle tone. She can pull a tall TV tray (with food on it) across the floor. This is particularly troublesome when the food on the tray belonged to Brae and he was trying to eat it.
  • She has been crawling since 8 months, and has been pulling herself up for the last several weeks. She is just starting to do some cruising. I think she’ll be walking by age 1.
  • She loves her pureed food, but solids not so much. When I try to give her something small, even Cheerios, she will often gag. The doctor said she has a very strong gag reflex. If she’s still not readily manipulating solid foods in her mouth and swallowing by age 1, we may need to see a specialist.
  • She’s a great sleeper and napper. 12 hours at night, and 2 naps during the day of 45 minutes – 3 hours.
  • What I can gauge about her personality so far: she’s extremely physically active and curious; she loves her brother; she’s a friendly child, but is not effusive or gregarious like Brae; she loves baths; she loves being outdoors; she really does not like it when Brae takes away her toys.

Love this girl.






This may bring you to tears:

I tiptoed into your room one night.
I watched you sleeping there.
Your tiny body looked so snug
Wrapped in peaceful slumber’s care.

I thought of how you came to be
The child we’d longed to know.
I wondered at the sight of you:
“How could she let you go?”

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I
Felt the pain she must have known.
For I will have to let you go
Some day when you are grown.

A mother I might never meet
Had given me her son.
Yet, surely as you’ve filled my heart,
A piece of hers you’d won.

“How could she let you go?”
The question kept returning.
And in the depths of my own heart.
A question kept on burning.

“How can I ever let you go
When years have come and gone?”
I stood there by your crib until
The nighttime turned to dawn.

And as the sun peeked through the shades,
The voice of God broke through.
“I trusted her to give him life
And now I’m trusting to you.

“To show him what is right and wrong,
to love him and to be
The one who teaches him the way
To come back home to me.

“He wasn’t hers to give, you know.
And he’s not yours to own.
I’ve placed him in your life to love
But he is mine … on loan.”

-Valerie Kay Gwin








What you may not know about these kiddos:

1.) Two of them are siblings. Those two siblings are first cousins to the other; not one is genetically related.
2) Together, they have Hispanic, Peruvian, Native American and German blood pulsating through their veins.
3) Two of their birth moms are now friends.
4) One of them was conceived 10 years before birth.
5) Each one was and is a long-awaited answer to prayer and proof that God's timing is perfect.