Sienna had her 9 month checkup today. The highlights:

  • We have a lovely, larger than life daughter. She is 20 lbs, 8 oz. That is the 85th percentile. [When Brae was 9 months, he weighed 19.5 lbs, which was the 40th percentile for boys].
  • She is 29 inches. That is the 95th percentile. [When Brae was 9 months, he was 28.5 inches, which was the 60th percentile for boys].
  • She has 8 teeth, with two more on the way. [When Brae was 9 months, he still only had 2]
  • She is extremely strong. The doctor noticed that even on her first day of life when he remarked that she had very good muscle tone. She can pull a tall TV tray (with food on it) across the floor. This is particularly troublesome when the food on the tray belonged to Brae and he was trying to eat it.
  • She has been crawling since 8 months, and has been pulling herself up for the last several weeks. She is just starting to do some cruising. I think she’ll be walking by age 1.
  • She loves her pureed food, but solids not so much. When I try to give her something small, even Cheerios, she will often gag. The doctor said she has a very strong gag reflex. If she’s still not readily manipulating solid foods in her mouth and swallowing by age 1, we may need to see a specialist.
  • She’s a great sleeper and napper. 12 hours at night, and 2 naps during the day of 45 minutes – 3 hours.
  • What I can gauge about her personality so far: she’s extremely physically active and curious; she loves her brother; she’s a friendly child, but is not effusive or gregarious like Brae; she loves baths; she loves being outdoors; she really does not like it when Brae takes away her toys.

Love this girl.


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