1. He is all boy. The other day, after swim class, we went into the locker room to get him in the shower and dressed. As I was by the lockers gathering his stuff together, I see him pause in front of the shower. He still had his swim shorts on. He looked down at his feet. Then I see this trickle coming down his leg, and pooling onto the concrete floor. Urine. Then I see him, without hesitation, scoop down with his right hand and gather up some urine. Then he proceeds to place his hand directly in his mouth and (gasp) drink his urine. Now if you think that I was standing idly by watching all of this, you are sorely mistaken. As soon as I saw the urine start to pool, I was running (seemingly in slow motion) to halt the inevitable.

2. Brae: “Mommy, you are a princess. Sienna is a princess. Brae is a BIG boy. And Daddy is muy grande.”

3. Brae: “Mommy, the sun is up really high. I can’t reach it. I need a ladder.”

4. Brae and Sienna hold hands in their car seats. It melts my heart. I’ll look in my rear view mirror and see Brae reaching his hand out to Sienna, and she’s reaching her hand out to him. And then they connect and just clasp on for dear life, and smile.


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