This last Easter weekend, I went to see the movie “October Baby.” For those of you who have not seen it or heard of it, I highly recommend it. It is a very moving film about a young girl who, at age 19, discovers she is adopted. Not only is she adopted, but she is the survivor of a failed abortion that is shrouded with secrecy and mystery. The film is a coming of age for this young girl as she seeks to find her birth mom. But perhaps one of the neatest points in this film doesn’t even happen during the film. There is a trailer to the movie where one of the main actresses reveals she, in real life, had an abortion at a young age. With tears streaming down her face, she explains that by being in this movie, she found tremendous healing and forgiveness from God.

The irony didn’t escape me that I have my own October baby. Brae was born on October 31, 2008.

And now turning to my October baby, here are some coveted Brae-isms:

1) Brae is very into chapstick. The other day, Tygh came downstairs to find Brae smearing chapstick all over his face. Tygh thought, “Hmm.. That is an awfully large chapstick container… Brae, come here. What? What is that you have in your hand? … Oh no, Brae, this is not chapstick. This is a gluestick.”

2) Brae loves to play hide-n-seek. But he hasn’t quite grasped the concept. The other day, he told me to go count to 10, and then to come find him. He then proceeded to “hide.” After I counted to 10, I wandered around the house looking for him, opening closet doors, looking under furniture. Finally, I made my way upstairs to find him standing, lights on, right in the middle of our bedroom. “You found me, mama!” he proclaimed. “Now, mama, come here,” as he took my hand. “I want you to hide right here,” he said, pointing to behind the bedroom door. “You stay here, and then I’ll come find you.”

3) Me: “Brae, tomorrow is Easter. We celebrate Easter because it is the day Jesus died and then woke up again. And only Jesus can do that.”
(Long pause).
Brae: “No, Mommy. Only big boys can do that.”

4) Brae: “Mommy, shut up!”
Me: “Brae, that’s not a nice word. We don’t tell people to shut up.”
(Long pause).
Brae: “Mommy, shut down!”

5) Brae: “Daddy, what sound does a shoe horn make?”

//And here are some photos from our Easter weekend:

2 thoughts on “OCTOBER BABIES

  1. Hi! My name is Jill Ackerman and Jennifer winter is my sister. I just saw pictures of your daughter (my niece) and she is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story!

    God bless!

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