There has been an E-coli breakout in our area with now 15 reported cases, and 5 people in the hospital. Three of those 5 now have kidney failure. The public health department has traced the source back to raw milk at a local farm.

One of those 5 people in the hospital is a precious little girl (18 months) in Brae and Sienna’s school. In Sienna’s class, in fact. She has been in the hospital for over a week.

The health department was at the school several days last week and determined that the contamination did not come from any food served at the school.

But the health department wanted to talk specifically to me. Why? Because just a few days before the breakout, and this child’s hospitalization, Sienna was sick. We had to pull her out of school for 2 days with low-grade fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. I just thought it was a stomach bug and she’d get better. And she did. But, because of the time and location proximity to the breakout and this child’s hospitalization, the health department came to my house twice to collect stool samples from Sienna.

We heard this morning that the first test came back “equivocal.”

We just heard that the second test came back as negative.

What this likely means is that the first test was either a false positive or there was cross-contamination during the testing.

It is likely just a fluke that Sienna was sick around the same time as this breakout, and happens to be in the same class as this little girl that is fighting for her life in the hospital.

Thanking God for healing my daughter, and sparing her a more severe illness, and praying for the children that remain hospitalized in quarantine.


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