Sienna has a unique personality. It’s actually probably the most unique I’ve ever seen. It’s so unique that I can’t even find the right word to describe it. Several suggestions by friends and family have been posed, but none seem to fit quite right:
— divine diva
— pugnacious
— tenacious
— precocious
— spitfire

Perhaps you can help find the right word.

A bit more about her…

She’s feisty. Brae tries to hug her and she bites back (course, he’s also trying to steal her toy as he’s hugging her). She has this I don’t care what you think attitude that is strangely endearing and admirable. She walks with her chin up in the air, almost daring you to give her a punch only so she can knock you silly.

She doesn’t want you invading her bubble, except when all she wants is to cuddle in your lap. She likes to scream. But not always because she’s mad. Sometimes she screams because she’s happy, scared, uncomfortable, or just wants to fill the room with her voice. She loves dogs, food, and carrying around her baby dolls, which dolls she will also hurl into the corner when she sees a remote control car that she’d rather play with.

She doesn’t like baths. She’d rather climb into the sink and stick her face under the faucet. She doesn’t stop talking. Ever. She loves giving kisses, except when she’d rather hit you instead.

In a word, the girl is a complete contradiction. And she totally keeps me on my toes. But there has to be some word that describes this rare ball of fun.

Maybe that word is just . . . Sienna.

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