The phone rings at 6:30 one early morning in March. My first thought was Josh is calling on his way to work to tell me we forgot to put the garbage out. I haven’t even had my coffee yet when I hear the garbage truck coming down the street. In my pajamas, I race to get my shoes on. I head down to get the garbage, and get it to the end of the driveway before the truck arrives in front of my house.

This is the scenario playing in my head, when I answer the phone and Josh whispers, “Dr. Jewett just called, you’re pregnant”. What? Did he just say what I thought he said? I distinctly remember it sounded as if he was whispering those words, almost as if he could hardly believe it himself.

As it slowly sunk in, I could hardly believe it either; but deep down, I knew it was true. There were many times on this journey when it would have been easy to give up, but there was something that just kept nudging us to keep going. That something was God. When we had doubts, He would speak to our hearts either through people or circumstances to let us know we were on the right path.

As I heard those words, it was as the cliche goes, surreal. I wanted to pinch myself to see if it was all really happening, but I knew in my heart that it was for real.

We had an appointment at the NEDC the next day for our pregnancy beta test, but I had awoken the day before with vertigo. As I was laying in bed, the room was spinning. It felt as if I was on ‘The Himalayan’ ride at the county fair. When I arose to get out of bed and walk down the hall, my body and head would tilt to the left. Being prone to sinus infections, I called our family practitioner to make an appointment thinking I might have an inner ear infection.

When I arrived at his office, Dr. Jewett asked how things were going. He had done our physicals for our home-study months prior, so he was aware of our situation and knew we had recently done IVF. I told him the trouble I was having walking upright, and that my head felt like it was filled with fluid. Dr. Jewett explained that if it was an inner ear infection, he couldn’t give me antibiotics if I thought I might be pregnant. I told him we were going to Knoxville the next day for our blood test. He said, I can go ahead and do a blood test if you would like. I replied, “I can wait until tomorrow, it’s just one more day.” Then Dr. Jewett explains, the insurance will cover it and he could go ahead and put me on antibiotics a day early depending on the results.

Well, alrighty then, if you insist! I jokingly told the girl as she was drawing my blood “to give me a good one”. In my heart, I knew it was going to be good. When God tells your heart to keep going, it has to be for a reason. I felt it was just a matter of time before we would get a positive result.

Knowing we would be anxious, Dr. Jewett said he would call as soon as the results came in, but that it probably wouldn’t be until after 2 pm the next day. I told him to please call Josh’s cell. Good or bad news, I thought sounded better when it came from Josh. He has such a calming demeanor, his confidence reassures you everything will be all right.

Since Jewett’s office doesn’t even open until 7:00 am, I thought when the phone rang at 6:30 that morning, it was the start to a typical day. After 6 years waiting, finally hearing those words “Your’e pregnant”, it was no ordinary day. I was never one to do a POAS after IVF, because the not knowing was better than the negative. However, seeing is believing, so Josh and I headed to the pharmacy and bought a digital test. Watching those two pink lines and the digital screen light up- Pregnant; was a moment we had only dreamed about. Yes, it was no ordinary day.

We left the next day for Knoxville to go to the NEDC for our “official” pregnancy test. My first hcg level at Dr. Jewett’s office was 24. The second hcg level at the NEDC was 98. We had to go back to the NEDC on Monday to make sure my levels were continuing to double as they should. Kelley Buckley, IVF coordinator with the NEDC called back that afternoon saying, “Tamara your hcg is 407, you’re definitely pregnant”.

Josh and I are getting used to a “new” normal and life is good.


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