This was a big day, not only would we find out if our baby bean was healthy, we would know whether we were carrying a boy or a girl! At my 16 week ultrasound, it was too early to determine the sex.

I had a really good feeling about this pregnancy. I felt everything would turn out alright, however, there is always a chance a problem could be detected. We were filled with anticipation.

From the first ultrasound picture, I had a feeling it was a boy. I called it a mother’s intuition. Josh said I had a 50/50 shot of being right. It’s hard to go wrong with those odds, he would laugh.

The genetics counselor asked us some general information about our medical history and wanted to know if we wanted to do an amniocentesis. We chose not to, since there are risks involved, and it wouldn’t change anything if something was wrong with baby. This was the child God gave us, and we would love it no matter what the outcome. We told her that we had adopted an embryo and gave her the information we knew from the donors’ medical history.

We were originally supposed to go to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville for the scan, but our doctor’s office directed us to go to a smaller hospital near our town to save us the two hour drive. The UT traveling group were performing anatomic scans at that hospital around the time of our appointment.

Since they were a traveling team, we had to view the ultrasound on a laptop. I could not see the screen most of the time, but it was awesome to watch Josh’s face in amazement as he watched the screen. The tech would talk to the genetics counselor in medical speak, but it seemed everything looked the way it should. Being in the medical profession, Josh would converse with them and ask questions. He had guessed the heartbeat accurately at 160 bpm even before they announced it. The tech and genetics counselor determined everything appeared to be healthy. Our baby has a four-chamber heart, no abnormalities were found, and we were given a very minimal chance of Down’s Syndrome.

I told them my prediction that it was a boy. I had been patient and wanted to get through the important stuff, but was still anxious to know the sex. Finally, the tech said, “Well, I guess mama was right, it’s a boy.”

We didn’t really care whether it was a boy or girl, as long as it was healthy. This mama was just ready to go shopping. I had waited to buy anything for the baby until we knew what we were having. We headed to Target to buy something blue so we could surprise my mom in person with the news.

We had to get creative with Josh’s parents, since they live eight hours away in Alabama. We had told them we would call after our appointment. We decided we wanted to surprise them instead of just telling them over the phone. We called the florist where they live and had a bouquet of yellow flowers, with a blue-gingham ribbon sent to their house.

The card simply read, “It’s a Boy”. They weren’t expecting to hear from us until that afternoon. When we answered the phone to a half-laughing and half-crying grand-momma, we knew they had received the bouquet and were surprised. It was so much more fun than telling them over the phone.

With a healthy diagnosis, and visions of blue “dancing” in my head, I was ready to do some more shopping.


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