21 Weeks

I was reading in my ‘Pregnancy Week by Week’ book that by 21 weeks your waistline is definitely gone and people can tell you are pregnant. I was able to get away with wearing regular clothes for a while, but as my “bump” grew, it gave me a chance to finally go shopping for some maternity clothes.

In the waiting room of some infertility clinics, they would have parenting or pregnancy magazines that would have pictures of pregnant moms-to-be. I was always fascinated with the clothes and the articles on parenting.

I feel like I am now a part of this “exclusive club” called motherhood, which allows me the blessing to do those fun things like shop for maternity clothes, and read those coveted books like, ‘What to Expect When you are Expecting’.

This book answers a lot of questions for me. As the name indicates, it explains what you may be experiencing in your body at a particular stage of pregnancy. Like at 21 weeks, it talks about continued absentmindedness. There it is in print! The book validates that for my type-A, ADHD brain, there is a reason for this slightly more than usual absentmindedness. I usually “have it together”, but sharing the oxygen supply, I do believe helps contribute to some short-term memory lapses.

It also talks about the gymnastics, called fetal movement, going on in my belly. I have to admit this is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. It reminds me that he is still there, and gives me reassurance from time to time. When I don’t feel anything for a while, it concerns me. Then sure enough, he gives me a little “punch” to let me know he is still growing strong.

He is most active at night when I am trying to sleep. My friend told me, and I have read, that when pregnant women are active during the day, it is like a rocking motion for the baby. You also feel movements more at night when you are still. Between the fetal movements, and having to get up to go pee more frequently, sleep is becoming a precious commodity. I do believe this is God’s way of preparing you for the sleepless nights ahead.

I have so much to learn in the coming weeks. I also want to start reading about what to expect when the baby arrives, which will be here before you know it. I am sure I will be ready to meet him when he comes in to this world, but for now, I am content on being his mom while he is growing in my belly.


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