Me, Josh, and both sets of parents went for my 3D ultrasound this week. It is amazing what technology can do now, considering ultrasounds were not available when our moms were pregnant with us. Now you can almost visualize what your child is going to look like from the womb.

Our 3D scan was done through Stork Visions Prenatal Imaging Center. It is a franchise that performs 2D, 3D, and 4D scans by a ob/gyn or licensed sonographer. You may even be able to go through your ob/gyn’s office. A friend referred us to Stork Visions, and since there is one in our area, we used them because it was highly recommended. It was worth every cent, even though it is not covered under insurance. We were given about 35 minutes viewing time of the baby on a home theater sized TV. We were also sent home with a CD-Rom, and a DVD of the entire session, and about fifteen still photos.

It was a wonderful experience, and I’m so glad our parents were able to share it with us. We got to see the baby move around, put his arm across his face, and even yawn. The doctor confirmed that he was in vertex position (let’s hope he stays that way)! He also indicated on my abdomen where the baby’s head, feet, and arms are positioned.

When I got home, and had time to absorb all I had experienced, I was almost overcome with emotion. Our baby boy has a prominent nose, very full lips, chubby cheeks, and a round face. And, I love his profile! It’s like meeting someone you’ve heard about for along time, then finally meeting them face to face. I am 31 weeks now, so I know he will go through many more changes before his arrival, but what fun it is to get a glimpse. How lucky am I to be this little guy’s mom? What a sweet blessing.


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