Thirty-two is the number of days my countdown app on my phone tells me I have until my due date. Ahhhh! I feel excitement mixed with a little, dare I say, panic. I have been in nesting mode since the pregnancy was confirmed, but it’s like everything around the house that has been needed to be done in the last couple of years, suddenly feels like it needs to be completed in 32 days.

Late summer we re-built our deck, which we have not finished staining. We had to let the wood cure, then after starting the staining process, ran in to some rain delays before finishing. This week, we had new carpet installed in the nursery and the master bedroom. We have not been able to start on the nursery until the carpet was installed, so now the fun begins picking out paint colors to match the crib bedding and start painting. Tomorrow we will order the baby’s iron crib bed. This is all exciting and fun stuff, but a little overwhelming considering the short amount of time we have left.

Last week, we had our first baby shower given to us by Josh’s co-workers. Josh built us a new shelf in the basement to hold everything until we can get the nursery ready and get the new baby gear sorted out.

I just want everything to be perfect for my little guys arrival, so I can feel relaxed and ready. I have to realize my whole world is about to turn upside down (for the better) and my to-do list is only going to get more demanding. I remind myself that this is what I wanted, prayed for, yearned for until it was often unbearable.

A scripture I have held close to my heart throughout my pregnancy is 1 Samuel 1:27, “For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of him.”

I know that in about 32 days all that will matter is seeing his precious little face. The life Josh and I imagined, the family we wanted, the dreams we have shared. It makes everything else seem meaningless when you put it in perspective.


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