I’ve always loved playing the “name the baby” game. With every procedure we did during our 6 years of infertility, there was always the anticipation of becoming pregnant. So coming up with different combinations of first and middle names has been one of my favorite pastimes.

We have always had our girl name set. It would be Katherine Ruth. Josh’s mother’s name is Kathryn, and my grandmother’s name is Katherine. Since I’ve always been a little old fashioned, I prefer to spell it like my grandmother’s. Ruth is my mother’s middle name, and his grandmother’s first name. So there you have it, Katherine Ruth. For short we would call her Katie Ruth.

Boy names didn’t come as easy, it required some soul searching. I would come up with different combinations, but none that stuck. A name should have meaning, Josh would say.

One day out of the blue, Josh asked if I liked the name John Luke. It’s okay, I said. I didn’t think much else about the name. Then while reading a magazine one afternoon, I noticed the guy’s name in an article was Luke John. I had thought to myself, I might like it better, if it were John Luke.

Thinking it was such a coincidence, I phoned Josh to ask if John Luke was the name he liked. He said it was. I told him my thought when I saw the article, then we hung up the phone.

We didn’t think much more about the name until the night before our embryo transfer in March of 2011. We were watching TV in our hotel room in Knoxville. We’d been out to eat for a celebratory dinner (and my last glass of wine for 9 months) to relax and enjoy the evening; then we headed back to the room for an early nights rest before our 9:00 am transfer.

Settling in, we started watching a TV show, and lo and behold, the guy’s name was John Luke. There it is again. That name. I told Josh if we got pregnant, and it was a boy, this could be a sign.

Two weeks later, our pregnancy was confirmed, PTL! Since we had our girl name set, it had become my mission to find a good boy’s name. From my first ultrasound picture at 6 weeks, I instinctively felt like it would be a boy.

Josh and I started talking names again, and thought about how ironic it was we heard that name, the very night before our transfer. John and Luke are both common names, but it’s not often you hear them together. It was as if God was speaking to us through circumstances…and we started paying attention. Especially when we found out we were indeed having a boy!

I have said how our church family had been praying for us to have a child throughout our 6 years of waiting. One year at Christmas, we were asked to light the advent candle.

After the service, our friend Barbara came up to us shaking and almost in tears. She said that as Josh was reading the scripture, and I was lighthing the advent candle she was praying for us. That God had spoke to her while praying and said we would have a child. Sue, another friend had overheard this, and with tears in her eyes said, “God spoke to me too.”

That was December 6 th, 2009. We are due with our baby boy December 7 th, 2012, almost 3 years to the date of that event. I’m convinced God used them as intercessors to give us hope. Believing that God speaks through His people, Josh and I held on to that claim, and it kept us going in times of doubt.

Thinking how that experience helped us to persevere, we went back and re-read the scripture from that day. Part of the scripture was from Luke 1:13 and reads, “But the angel said unto him, fear not Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John.”

I recently asked Josh where he came up with the name John Luke. He said, I don’t know, it just came to me. I believe just as God spoke to Barbara and Sue, one day before our due date 3 years earlier; I feel God placed that name on Josh’s heart, he placed that magazine in my hands, and put circumstances in place for us to hear that name the night before our transfer. Coincidence?

I am not Elisabeth and Josh is not Zacharias. However, we believe God gave us this scripture, and the name John Luke as a sign of His Provision; and just like with Zacharias, our prayer had been heard. The fact that the scripture is from Luke, and reads, “and thou shalt call his name John”, is more than a mere coincidence to us.

In our prayers and along our journey, He had answered, “Trust Me”, when we would pray whether to keep trying to have a child. We trusted, and God was true to His Word. A name should have meaning Josh says. For us and our baby boy, the name John Luke does.


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