I wish I could take every minute of bringing John Luke home for the first time, and brand it into my memory. It was so surreal, I could hardly believe it was really true. It’s one of those moments I’ve seen so many times on TLC’s , “A Baby Story”, and wondered if it would ever be me.

I remember looking at the house as we were pulling into the driveway thinking welcome home John Luke; this is your house where we’ll create memories as a family. This week at home has been a week of first. The first time he met Maggie, our three year old yellow labrador retriever (his future BFF). The first time we took him into the nursery, the first time he slept in his crib.

Not to mention his first pediatrician visit, where we just about spent the first week of his life. They determined he had a touch of jaundice. Also, his weight had dropped from his birthweight of 6 lbs 15 oz to 6 lbs 4 oz, so we needed to discuss feeding. Josh and I wanted to talk to the lactation consultant about supplementing, we didn’t think he was getting enough milk. I was feeding every two hours, but he still seemed irritated and hungry, and my breasts were getting pretty sore.

By the second visit, he had gained back up to 6 lbs 11 oz from 6 lbs 4 oz, but we knew he needed more. The lactation consultant did a gram test where she weighed him before and after feeding to see how much he was getting. We went on a 10/10 plan. Ten minutes on each breast, then if he still was hungry, to supplement 60 ml of formula.

The jaundice had gone up a half a point, so they told us to come in a third day to check his levels again. At our last visit, my little piglet weighed 8 lbs, so he is gaining, and as the doctor put it is “thriving”. The jaundice had cleared up, so he no longer looks like he has a spray tan, hee hee. His color is now a beautiful alabaster.

I hear him stirring in his crib, so it’s probably time to feed again. My two hour window of getting things accomplished while he sleeps is about to be interrupted. They say to sleep while he sleeps, but who can do that? I admire the women who can. With my to-do list running through my head, I am restless when I try to lay down, so I usually get up and get moving while he is sleeping.

I try to hold him as much as I can when he is awake, and soak up this blessing I have been given. I’ve been told to enjoy them at this stage, because it passes by way too quickly. Tear. That makes me a little sad, but I know each stage will bring excitement and joy watching him grow. He will occasionally look at me and give me a little smile. He already melts my heart.




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