Christmas time reminds me of my favorite things. Here are a few; some old, some new.

* Listening to the same Christmas songs you’ve heard for 30+ years.
* The smell of a newborn.
* Receiving photo Christmas cards and seeing how everyone has grown.
* Being a mom.
* The smell of a wood burning fire.
* When my husband says, “This is my son.”
* Seeing the Christmas lights. The tackier the better.
* Having four newborn Christmas outfits, and not being able to decide which one to put on John Luke Christmas Day.
* Cooking Christmas dinner with my mom.
* The cry of a newborn.
* Re-using the same Christmas tags our family has used since I was a kid (now that’s recycling).
* Waking up to feed my son, even though I am dog tired.
* The fact that I have a son.
* White-Elephant Ornament Exchanges.
* Our dog Maggie, who now likes to lick John Luke’s head.
* My mom’s Pecan Pie which was my great grandmother Baba’s recipe.
* The fact that a trip to Babies-R-Us is my favorite new retail therapy.
* Drinking hot chocolate by the fire while watching everyone open Christmas presents.
* Having a long awaited baby arrive just in time for Christmas.
* Knowing that you never really outgrow Santa Clause.
* Being reminded of the “Reason for the Season”.
* Hanging John Luke’s hand knit stocking that bears his name.
* Going to the Christmas Eve service at my church.
* Opening John Luke’s first Christmas presents.
* Sugar cookies with sprinkles.
* Watching the children’s Christmas play knowing one day I’ll be watching John Luke.
* Spending time with friends and family and building memories that last a lifetime.
* Hanging ornaments on the tree that my brother and I made when we were little.

These are just a few of my favorite things. They will become even more meaningful as I start to see Christmas through the eyes of a child.



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